Medication Services


1-Professional Pharmacy Services

  • Screening prescription to ensure the right medication with right doses
  • Counselling
  • Collaboration with physicians/prescribers
  • Checking the dispensed medication for accuracy & Safety

2- Over-The-Counter Counselling

  • Assessment of minor medical conditions and referral if necessary
  • Helping to choose the appropriate medication
  • Counselling on contraindications, dose, side effects and interactions
  • Monitoring of therapy

3-Free Comprehensive Medication Reviews

  • Review and assessment on appropriateness, effectiveness, interactions and side effects of therapeutic regimen
  • Review compliance, adherence and proper use of medications
  • Role of food and lifestyle on therapy
  • Collaborations with health care providers to solve any drug-related problem.

4-Diabetes Care

  • Specialized services for people who live with diabetes by certified diabetes educator.

5-Smoking Cessation Counselling

evaluating the readiness of each patient to quit smoking and providing information, plan help, support and follow up for a successful smoking cessation.

6-Home Health Care

7-Customized Compounding Services

Making special dosage forms of medication according to each patient needs, including topical preparations, capsules, syrups and suspensions, lollipops and gummies, customized flavoring and suppositories. We also accept orders for compounding and/or repackaging from other pharmacies.

8- Free Delivery

9-Free Compliance Blister Packaging

10-In-Home Drug Test Kits

11-Crutches Rentals

12-Free Flu Shots

13-Medication Disposal

14-Immunization and Injection Services